Divine Union Meditation for Women

Guided audio meditation to facilitate the experience of Divine Union

This guided journey is an advanced practice for women who wish to use the vehicle of divine union with a man to attain inner healing and peace. (The author acknowledges that there are other forms of union that are equally valid, however this particular recording is based upon the union of a man and a woman, through a woman's perspective).

It will use the imagination to visualize one's divine partner and move through connection of the eyes, hearts and sexual energies.This visualization can activate subtle energies for one's healing and transformation.

Throughout the journey there is an emphasis on safety and listening to the body. The level of intensity is chosen by the women herself and the use of her own imagination and visualization (everything in the guidance is a suggestion and there are often options given).

There is also a deep emphasis on light, purity, love and sacredness to create a high frequency space for this practice.

The purpose of the practice is through the meeting of lovers (and the energy moved as a result) the recipient will feel more relaxed, open, alive and loving. At the end she is brought back into her own center to cultivate completeness and inner peace.

NOTE: this meditation is not recommended for women who have experienced abuse, rape or trauma that has not yet been resolved with a trained therapist.

This meditation is offered here free of charge, but we request that you use it in a responsible way. Please read all the directions first.

Your Instructor

Shashi Solluna
Shashi Solluna

Shashi Solluna has been practicing and teaching Tao Tantric Arts for 15 years.

She currently runs one of the world's most extensive Teacher-Training programs of these practices (Tao Tantric Arts). In 2007 she lived at the residence of Grandmaster Mantak Chia for two years where she lived a Taoist lifestyle every day, absorbing teachings and practices from some of the world's greatest teachers. She has also studied Tantra from many masters internationally in a range of lineages and forms.

For the past seven years Shashi has been teaching alongside Minke de Vos, who has over 30 years' teaching experience. Minke also appears in this online school. Together, they are passionate about sharing the teachings of the Tao Tantric Arts.

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