Tao Tantric Arts Certified Facilitator Training: Spring 2024

Six-Month Online Training for Women: March 31 to Sept 31

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This is a unique training, offering the Taoist Sexual Arts, together with Tantric elements, empowering women to share these teachings.
This training is to become a Certified Coach. You will be empowered to offer one to one sessions with women for sexual healing and sexual empowerment.

Become part of a community of women sharing these arts together to deepen your own practice and become empowered to guide others.

Are you ready to step into your power as a coach for other women?

This is the Coaching Certification of our Teacher Training for women. It covers the fundamentals, such as the history, philosophy, theory and solo practices of Tao Tantric Arts.

You can also upgrade to join the full Facilitator Training, which consists of this online course plus a month-long live training in Mexico, and this involves the deeper emotional processing, sexual de-conditioning, dance and embodiment practices.

The group coaching calls for this training are live, so please be prepared to join us for each one.

Email [email protected] for more information.

Why would you join?
There may be different reasons to join this training, and women may take different empowerments from it, including:
  • Deepen your own practice and discover the Tao Sexual Arts.
  • Learn to offer one-to-one sessions for women on the area of sexual healing and learning sexual practices.
  • Become empowered to run your own women's circles. You will design and lead one circle during the training (Facilitator Training)
  • Learn to lead a qigong class, focusing on working with sexual energy.
  • Empower yourself to facilitate workshops. You will design one workshop during this training (Facilitator Training)
  • Empowerment to step into the role of a priestess to hold ceremony and ritual.
  • Become world-recognised! This training is certified under Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia) and will be universally recognised. You may add other UHT trainings to this one to expand what they offer (such as tai chi, chi nei tsang etc).
  • Learn how to initiate a man into the sexual arts, and how to share energy with a beloved.
  • Learn to work with your own inner feminine and inner masculine and learn the secret arts of inner alchemy practices.
  • Spiritual Evolution: The practices all support the spiritual journey of transcendence: reaching the Source of all duality and learning to live as a pure creative unfolding from Source into Being. Integrate your higher self into your everyday reality. Healing the inner child/shadow.
What will you learn?

These arts are energetically based, thus it involves working with sexual energy, opening channels and learning to store energy. There are many practices, which are taught in a creative feminine way rather than purely technical. They include:
  • Taoist breast massage
  • Ovarian breathing
  • Chinese Medicine theory
  • Womb-heart connection practices
  • Trauma healing principles and practices
  • Gestalt Therapy sessions
  • Pleasure anatomy
  • Female sexual health dysfunction and healing
  • Opening energy channels for sexual energy flow
  • Bone breathing
  • Jade egg practices
  • Awakening the yoni (female sexual organs)
  • Sexual energy breathwork
  • Six healing sounds
  • Inner smile healing technique
  • Multi-orgasmic skills
  • Partner Qigong (sharing sexual energy with a beloved)

We believe that this work is very supportive in the awakening of the feminine, as well as the connection to the Earth, and the healing between the masculine and the feminine. Therefore if you feel to guide and support other women on their journey, we are here to empower you to offer those gifts.

Who this course is for

  • Beginners to professionals who feel a strong calling to this work.
  • Women who have done a fair amount of women's work already (women's circles, shamanic work or tantra) and have the desire to share that with others.
  • Women who are already facilitators, yoga teachers or healers and wish to extend into the Tao Tantric Arts to expand their range of material.
  • Students of Tantra and Tantric Yoga who want to enter deeper into learning how to cultivate sexual energy on their own.
  • Qigong, Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Shiatsu and practitioners of the Oriental Energy arts who wish to study deeper into the sexual energy aspects of these lineages.
  • Any woman who wishes to empower herself with her own sexual energy, separately from being with a partner!
  • Creative women who want to learn to cultivate and use their sexual energy in their creative endeavours (dance,music, poetry etc).
  • Women who are planning pregnancy in the future and wish for the best preparation (however we cannot accept ay women who is pregnant during the training - see below)
  • Mature souls that feel ready to serve the healing processes of others.

Who this course is not for

  • Tao and Tantra are spiritual paths, which can be deeply healing. The main aim of these practices is to awaken and move your life force energy. IF you are uncomfortable with the sensations of energy movements in your body, then this is not the training for you. If you have not tried moving energy, then we recommend that you try some breathwork (or similar) and see if you feel able to allow energy to move through your body.
  • We will be asking you to take full responsibility for your experiences, which includes the capacity to listen to your body, know your own limitations and express your boundaries. Self-responsibility is the core foundation of this training. If you still need to be supported by others in this, then this is not for you.
  • We do not accept any pregnant women as the Tao practices do not recommend the movement of energy away from the womb area during this time.
  • You will be required to be fit and healthy without any major physical limitations. There is daily dance and qigong on this training, plus the need to sit cross legged for extended periods of time, and fitness is therefore a prerequisite.
  • If you are still recovering from past traumatic events then we request that you take the time to heal that with a trained professional. This training is a teacher training and is NOT designed as a specific trauma healing program. You are likely to feel overwhelmed by the practices if you have not already taken steps for your healing. We recommend that you reach a level of high stability in yourself before applying for this training. (please consider the Trauma to Tantra online course Shashi offers)
  • Sorry, but we do not accept anyone on antidepressants or other mental health medication. These medications can have effects on the sexual energy and therefore interfere with the practices. We would need you to discuss with a medical advisor if you are coming off medications and allow at least 6 months before applying to this training.

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Tao Tantric Arts

Course Curriculum

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  Section 11: Spirituality
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you sign up, and will be sharing circles and group coaching calls from May to August 2024. The course ends on August 31st and you must have completed all the material and the assignments by then to certify
How long do I have access to the course?
This course is timed as a group, so every 2 weeks new material will be released. You have two weeks per module to watch, study and complete the assignments.
What if I am cannot attend the live portion this year?
It is OK to train as a Coach online now and then join the Facilitator Training later, but we request to do so within 3 years of certifying as a coach. You will have a huge reduction in cost if you pay for both upon signing up.

Thank you for choosing to support other women in their journey of healing and growth. We look forward to this journey with you.

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